Modules for VCV Rack

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Modules for VCV Rack, available in the plugin library.

Mind Meld is a designer / developer collaboration for VCV Rack between Marc ‘Spock’ Boulé (coding and development) and Steve ‘Make it so’ Baker (concept and design).

Version 2.0.8


Here are the manuals for MixMaster/AuxSpander and ShapeMaster


The following modules are part of the MindMeld module pack:



The MixMaster beams the following features into your Rack for your demanding mixing needs:

Many labels contain separate menus that are different from the module’s main menu; these can be accessed by right-clicking the labels.



4-aux FX bus expander for MixMaster, must be placed immediately to the right of the MixMaster module.



A smaller 8-track version of MixMaster, with 2 group busses. Functionality and options are identical to those found in MixMaster.



4-aux FX bus expander for MixMasterJr, must be placed immediately to the right of the MixMasterJr module. Functionality and options are identical to those found in AuxSpander.



24-track multiband EQ for MixMaster and MixMasterJr. Can be placed anywhere in the patch, uses polyphonic cables for connecting to the inserts on the MixMaster mixers. Track names and colors can be linked to any MixMaster in the patch (right-click menu in EqMaster). Allows separate EQ control of each of the 24 stereo tracks. A CV expander is also available for added control over the module’s parameters.



Expander module to add CV control over most parameters in the EqMaster. All jacks on the module are polyphonic CVs, and it can be placed on either side of the EqMaster. The state jacks at the top control the active/bypass status of the 24 tracks, with the global bypass located in channel 9 of the G/A jack; the other 24 jacks (one for each track) control the 4 parameters (state, freq, gain, Q) for each of the 4 bands in each track.

Meld / Unmeld


Two utility modules to help manage direct out and insert connections. Three panel options are available in each module: 1-8, 9-16, Grp/Aux. The 8 LEDs in the right side of the Meld module can be clicked and are used to bypass an insert (red), or not (green). The Meld module also features a set of panels for merging the CV poly-inputs found on the MixMaster and AuxSpander modules.

M/S Melder


A utility module (bottom left in the picture above) to simplify the patching of mid/side EQ’ing with VCV Mid/Side and EqMaster. The picture above shows how to connect M/S Melder on the mixer inserts for tracks 1-8; the same patching technique can be used for tracks 9-16 (applicable only to the 16-track MixMaster) and Goups/Auxes, each requiring only an additional VCV Mid/Side module.



Dual band stereo width controllers for bass mono and high spread. Both modules have the same core functionality; however the Jr version omits the mix and master gain controls, the VU meter and the width CV inputs.



Multi-stage envelope generator (MSEG) / complex LFO:

The ShapeMaster Pro (not shown) is a commercial plugin which adds the following features

The ShapeMaster Pro plugin can be purchased in the VCV Rack plugin library.




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